The World's Leading Authority on Putting - Marius Filmalter

Who Is Marius?

Marius Filmalter is a professional golf instructor and research scientist who has spent over two decades studying and identifying the factors that allow golfers to perform at the highest levels; specifically those that translate to the fine motor skills involved in putting.

Marius has analyzed more than 60,000 professional and amateur strokes which is the world’s most extensive putting performance database. This wealth of data was the foundation of Marius’ mathematical assessment for improving putting performance and served as his breakthrough discovery of the 10 characteristics shared by all great putters.

Marius’ innovative presentation on his putting research at the 2004 European PGA Expo in Munich, Germany transformed him from a relative unknown to the world’s hottest putting commodity. Two of the game’s leading instructors, Hank Haney and Dave Pelz offered him partnerships. Marius chose to work with Hank Haney and moved to the United States. Hank provided the immediate opportunity to work with Tiger Woods and other top professionals. Marius continued his putting research at the Hank Haney Golf Ranch for four and half years.

Marius was awarded Golf Magazine’s Innovator of Year in 2009 and was joined Golf Magazine and as a monthly columnist. Today he splits his time traveling the professional tours working with his famous students, teaching private lessons and clinics, writing his monthly column, research projects, and collecting new data for his ever growing putting data base.

“The world’s best players trust Marius – shouldn’t you?” ~Brad Faxon
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